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Let me hurl my insecurities at you before we go ahead: I hope you like what you see because I’m no different than a majority of artists and creators: I’m also in desperate need of approval and praise. Don’t blame me – you didn’t assume I run on basic water, did you? So don’t be shy to get in touch and let me know what your thoughts on the projects below are, because boy did they require backbreaking effort to complete!

Sweet Candy

I have to admit: I am scared to make this public. Reason being: this project took it’s toll on me. I poured my heart, sweat and soul into it, and those of you who know will recognize how difficult it is to make your work public and open to scrutiny. If I may be honest however, the film did bring home a few awards and numerous international screenings. Hope you enjoy Anatol’s performance: he really dived deep into the dark side with this project. This is also my first project with Mario Kainer on board-who went on to produce my latest (daddy’s arbitrage) and is currently writing the script for my (hopefully!-fingers crossed) first feature. Hold onto the special ones folks, they don’t come along often.

“You’re listening now, aren’t you,” says a cold and nearly unconscious Andreas Wagner, over his live broadcast. Social media seems to have offered him a voice, transforming him into an unlikely Internet phenomenon when it least matters.

Gematria, 2014

Gematria was an amazing experience: we shot it over 4 days in my neighbors flat; it was also the beginning of a lifelong friendship with actor Anatol Rieger, who also starred in Sweet Candy (2016); I hope to work with him again in the future. This was also the first character driven film in which I was able to really experiment with my personal style and find my voice. Keep in mind that it basically had no funding, and was all produced thanks to the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew. Hope you enjoy it!

Unraveling the “ultimate truth” has become an obsession for a paranoid Mani Haruplex, and he’s found secret prophecies tucked away in ancient texts. His discovery will soon be put to the test by others who believe the “absolute truth” is hidden elsewhere. Length: 25 minutes XsentrikArts 2014 Written & Directed by: Yilmaz Vurucu Starring: Anatol Rieger, Dany Sigel DOP: Phillip Wölke

The Sea In Me, 2012

We were offered an artist in residency in Sinop, a small town on the Turkish Black Sea coast-and jumped at the opportunity. We would live in Sinop for a full month, and create a piece of work. My wife (then girlfriend) architect Bahanur Nasya and I would’ve never guessed that this poetic and critical feature length documentary would be what was to come out of that residency. I still hold onto the hope that one day, I’ll continue to explore the subject of our seas and mass-tourism, but this piece will have to do for now. Hope you enjoy!

The Sea In Me tells the stories of the residents of Sinop, a small coastal town on the shorts of the Black Sea. Their history, culture and way of living, which has evolved over centuries, based on a connection with the sea and nature, is being threatened by rapid and unplanned urbanization, increasing rates of migration, and the imposition of pre-fabricated, one-size-fits-all development methods.

Dr. Zack, 2010

Boy do I have a crazy story to tell you. I was so sick and tired of working in the broadcast industry that i quit my job, moved back home with my mom and sisters, and shot this film. My sister helped on set, my mom did the catering, Turgut (now working for the CBC in Toronto) DOP’ed, and Nick (who plays the father) came in from Toronto and slept in my bed (no, nothing happened between us). Dimitri put in a great performance, but he broke down at one point because the subject matter was so difficult for him to deal with, and understandably so. There’s more: my girlfriend at the time sent me money to help finance it (believe it or not). We would marry years later-yep, she’s a keeper, one to always believe in me, and she still does… I think? There, that’s the gist of it. Shot over two days in a trailer park in London, ON. My first ever short film-produced back before the DSLR revolution, or I would’ve jumped on that bandwagon without hesitation. It’s a nice story with some amazing performances (I’m referring to the film, not my life.) Hope you enjoy watching it.

Zack (seven years old) is studying medicine. A mysterious book thrusts him into a fantasy world, filled with definitions, symptoms and cures, while his mentor (Dr. Zack) guides him along the path to becoming a “great doctor”. Although he fails to make sense of a dysfunctional family life and the harsh reality of his environment, he works hard towards finding a cure for his abusive father. Will Zack be able to attain his potential in a ruthless adult world?