Commercial work

When it comes to promoting anything other than my own work, I like to think of myself as an unnamed wizard – even at the risk of sounding a bit too self-conceited. I’ve been doing this for decades, across cultures, languages and media, and I stand behind my experience, expertise and know-how. When it comes to commercials, marketing videos, branding and social media campaigns, I know how to package a story well. Like really well. That’s because I know how to listen, and offer valuable solutions.

Brutally honest mode on: when I was younger, my ultimate goal was to become a hotshot player on the main stage and direct commercials for brand names. I worked hard at honing my craft and developing my talent with hope that I’d get a chance to spar with the big boys (I knocked on every single door out there and received hundreds of rejections, but that’s another story). Well, I didn’t reach my goal, but my dedication, curiosity and and devotion did come in handy when I began producing my own films and documentaries. Besides, I absolutely love what I do now: offering advice and campaign/concept development for start ups, organizations and smaller sized companies with purpose and a mission that I can get behind.

Well, enough said. No need to drag it out. So here are some examples of my more recent commercial work, for your browsing pleasure. And remember: at least as important as the visuals is the campaign concept, format, and broadcast medium. That’s why I took up a social media management course recently, and passed with flying colors, obtaining a degree in “social media management” (the course was in German, so I’m particularly proud of my achievement.) So, Contact me. Let’s tell your story and cater it to fit the medium that best serves your purpose.

A collage of my commercial work. Includes snippets from social media campaigns, marketing videos, music videos, and advertising campaigns. More importantly: a majority of the stuff on this reel was a result of me running around as a one man production unit: from conceptualization to shooting and editing; heck, even graphics.

A social media campaign I created for EspressoMobil- we created different versions of this campaign for each platform (Instagram, facebook, twitter etc.) And I have to confess: I might’ve had a few cups of java too many during the production-which would also explain the fast paced style of this series. Once again: i shot, produced and edited.. all by myself (sad face here).

Need a Newsapp to follow the local news anyone? Well, you’re in the right place. Receive the latest news as you walk around the streets of a magical city. Who needs to enjoy the surroundings when you can have the latest gossip delivered to your phone, eh? Yep, I shot it, I edited it, and I wrote it; that’s how I roll.

The musical theater play “LUNA” was coming to town, and I created this magical piece for it’s promotion.

This one wasn’t made for a specific client, but damn, was it fun to produce. Spent days and nights over a cold Viennese February to capture these shots. Shot as stop motion with a tilt shift lens to create miniature faking: so, no… the video wasn’t shot on a small set with toys, even if it might seem so.

Oddly enough, I did work at local Austrian tabloid for a while. Following a year and a half of grueling camera work as an ENG, I ended up somehow convincing them that I could be of more use creating promos, and produced this piece. Once again, I was the lone ranger on this one as well.

It’s all about the coffee: another EspressoMobil Ad I created for social media use.